Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Fagan operates as an out-of-network provider, and charges are billed directly. To facilitate the reimbursement process, Dr. Fagan provides superbills – detailed medical bills that you can submit to your insurance company. Reimbursement rates are contingent upon your specific health insurance provider and plan and should be verified by the client/ client guardian.

For added convenience, Dr. Fagan accepts payments through HSA (Health Savings Account) for both individual therapy and testing/assessment services. This approach is designed to offer flexibility and support in navigating the financial aspects of your mental healthcare journey.

Dr. Fagan specializes in psychological assessments for children aged 6 and above, extending her services to individuals of all ages. Clients seeking individual therapy are welcomed starting from the age of 14. Whether you’re a parent looking for assessment services for your child or an adult seeking individual therapy, Dr. Fagan is here to provide tailored support for your unique needs.

Absolutely! Dr. Fagan values the importance of building a connection with her clients. Prior to the first appointment, you and Dr. Fagan can schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call. This serves as an opportunity for both parties to get acquainted, discuss any questions you may have, and even delve into the topic of psychological testing if that’s on your mind. It ensures you feel comfortable before starting the therapeutic journey. Feel free to reach out to initiate this conversation – Dr. Fagan looks forward to connecting with you.

Yes, Dr. Fagan provides both therapy in-person and virtually. This will be discussed during the initial consultation call. We will be able to talk about your preference and scheduling.

All therapy sessions with Dr. Fagan are tailored to be 50-60 minutes, providing a comprehensive and focused space for your needs. Dr. Fagan’s hourly rate for a session is $200. In the event of a cancellation within less than 24 hours, a $200 fee will be charged to the card on file. However, if we can reschedule to another available time within the same week, the fee will be applied to that session.

All session fees are due at the time of service, and Dr. Fagan accepts all major credit cards. Electronic billing through Theranest ensures a seamless and secure financial process. For detailed information about psychological testing, please check the Testing tab on the website.

Psychological testing is a valuable tool utilized for various reasons, all aimed at preparing you for treatment intervention and planning. The results serve as a roadmap for your treatment, helping to determine therapeutic goals and providing insights for your therapist. This process allows your therapist, in this case, Dr. Fagan, to evaluate your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Psychoeducational testing or ADHD testing, for example, is instrumental in determining eligibility for mental health services and academic accommodations for standardized tests (such as SAT, ACT, etc.). The applications of psychological testing and assessment are diverse, covering a broad range of scenarios.

For personalized insights into how psychological testing can specifically benefit you or your child, reach out to Dr. Fagan. She can provide guidance on whether this approach is the right fit for your needs, tailoring the process to ensure it aligns with your unique circumstances and goals. Your journey towards understanding and growth is Dr. Fagan’s priority.

Dr. Fagan’s practice is housed within Midtown Psychotherapy Associates at 199 Armour Drive Northeast, Suite E, Atlanta, GA 30324. Conveniently accessible from I-85, the office is located in the dynamic Midtown Buckhead area of Atlanta. This central and easily reachable location ensures that you can access Dr. Fagan’s services with ease. If you have any questions about directions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Dr. Fagan looks forward to welcoming you to her practice.